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Laston Charriez Testimonial

Chief Product Officer Testimonial

By NorthPage | Videos
Published on: Jul 05, 2016

My name is Laston Charriez, I am the Chief Product Officer of Denver Mattress.

Denver mattress is the largest privately owned mattress maker and retailer in the United States. I’m responsible for product innovation, consumer and shopper experience at the retail stores, online, as well as all the marketing that is related to drive traffic into our stores.

I joined Proctor & Gamble and I spent 23 years with Proctor & Gamble. The Charmin bear is mine, which is the longest lasting Proctor & Gamble campaign, that’s mine, I created that campaign.

You need to quickly, assert your credentials but in order to do that you need to also be impartial and not do a search-and-destroy analysis, and I think that’s what NorthPage enabled me to do in each one of those jobs which is quickly, very impartially, assess what the current digital capabilities of the company I’m going into.

At Sara Lee when I moved to Vice President of Innovation, we brought in NorthPage to understand what were consumers doing in that path to purchase that related to us as a supplier of brands. And what we discovered was that they were looking for information. We had to change what we were doing on our website. We had to populate them with content, populate them with recipes and make them more welcoming to people that were just looking for recipes, so become a helper, an enabler.

Without the knowledge that we got from NorthPage, we couldn’t create the activity systems that would change it. The access that I have with NorthPage is I can just call and say, “Hey, I have this concern, what do you think?” And once you have the exchange of thoughts, then you say, let’s go hire NorthPage to do a full analysis, or not.

To me, knowledge is power. If I know something in facts will make us free because no one can take away the facts. At P&G they say it as, … if you are a system brand manager and you have the facts, no one, not even the CEO of the company can tell you you’re wrong because you have facts and facts are powerful, and it’s the same thing with NorthPage. If my website is failing at x-y and z, I can convey, it’s like, “hey dudes, we gotta work on this.”

All of those are enabled by saying, “Okay where are we? What’s leaking?” And that’s what NorthPage does.

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