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Monica Leuchtefeld Testimonial

Monica Luechtefeld Testimonial

By NorthPage | Videos
Published on: Oct 06, 2016

My name is Monica Luechtefeld and I have about 25 years in E-Commerce/Digital Commerce, and currently own my own consultancy firm specializing in digital retailing and working with large companies on their internet and online strategy.

Much of my experience was at Office Depot. The internet actually became a strategic initiative for us. The internet was going to be woven into the way we interacted with our customer. Because we approached it from that idea, the internet just became a part of our customer conversation and how we developed the business. So I’m really proud of the fact that the customer was at the core of our decisions, and then the game changed a bit.

What I found intriguing about my first conversation with NorthPage was that it could bring an objective, independent opinion about what the priorities could mean to our customer relationship, to our customers’ responsiveness, and to our ability to really close on a transaction and then keep and retain great customers.

And when NorthPage told me that this would be a low impact to no impact on our organization and that they could still deliver actionable results, I’m sure anybody sitting in my position would have said, “That’s impossible.” But our people didn’t notice a blip when they rant their tests versus our operation.

Then what I found the most beneficial was not only the report that they generated but the time that the NorthPage team spent with me and my team to help us understand what the report was saying and what was potentially actionable.

It was surprising to me that the results were that actionable, that we could put them into our test vehicles and see that they actually would produce a lift in conversion and a lift in our shopping carts and we could test them and put them into our sites in a very quick turnaround. I didn’t expect it. I was, of course, delighted to see it, and it made me a NorthPage fan for life.

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